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All Files/Images Must be Reviewed and Uploaded to the Wiki by FamilySearch Staff[edit | edit source]

  • Images will be reviewed for appropriateness and copyright status.
  • All images should follow the guidelines set forth in the Image Use page.
  • NOTE: There is a limit size of 5mb for files/images.

How to Submit Files/Images[edit | edit source]

Note: You must first log into your FamilySearch account to submit an image/file. Create a FREE Account

  • Fill out the form found below.
Fields with red asterisk (*) are required to be filled out

Click on the Upload button and locate the copyright free file/image on your computer.
Upload file

*Name or title of file/image:
You can give a title to your file/image for identification in the Wiki. If you are submitting an image for a family history center page or library, please list your center/library name.

*Description of file/image:
Give a brief description that will be displayed on the file/image Wiki page.

*Author or creator of file/image:
Provide a name of the person who created the file/image so proper attribution can be given.

*File/image creation date:
You can leave the date that autopopulates in the field or change it to the date the file/image was created.

*Are there living people in the image?
We are not allowed to upload images of individuals that can be identified in the picture without their permission. Please review the options and choose the correct one.

Source or where this file/image came from:
If you obtained this image from the internet, for us to upload it to the Wiki, it must have a copyright free license except in few exceptions. If your image is in public domain or has a Creative Commons license attached to it, we will be able to accept the image.

Website address or URL for the file/image:

*Collection title:
URL to collection image:

Determine the License/Permission:
Choose the correct license for the file/image you wish to submit. Depending on the option you choose, the licenses will change to the right. Please choose the correct license. If you are unsure of the license, do not submit file/image to be uploaded. Instead, email us at: [email protected]

License/Permission for "Your own work":

License/Permission for "Allow non-commercial use, commercial use, and modifications as long as others credit you and share alike":

License/Permission for "Allow non-commercial use, commercial use, and modifications as long as others credit you":

License/Permission for "Reserve no rights":

License/Permission for "Freely licensed":

License/Permission for "Public domain":

License/Permission for "Copyright expired":

License/Permission for "Not covered by copyright":

License/Permission for "Work of the United States federal government":

License/Permission for "Work of other governments":

License/Permission for "Restricted (including FamilySearch licenses)":

*Your name or FamilySearch Username:
Please provide your name or FamilySearch Username as you will be given credit on the file/image Wiki page for submitting the file/image.

Approved by Moderator:
The default is "No" and should remain that way.

Please allow 2 business days for your image to be approved by FamilySearch.
Once it is approved, you will receive an email with a link to your image.
If you haven't heard back in 2 days or are having problems uploading a file, please email us at: [email protected]